For your desk, for your doll's house, for your mantlepiece


What you need


You'll need 1 star , 1 tree base (container style) , 1 tree part c , 1 tree part b , 1 tree part a , 1 tree part e , 1 tree part d and up to 40 small baubles.


You'll need 1 "12cm long" straw.

Step 1

First of all click the baubles onto the branches in whatever design you feel like. Just like with the real thing, it's fun to play with colour and patterns. Either one colour for minimal, or why not print loads of different colour baubles with all those tag ends of filament you have cluttering up your space?

Step 2

Once you've got all of the branches decked with baubles it's time to cut the straw to length. Start threading the branches onto the straw starting with the biggest set of branches first. If you need to open up the holes in the branches simply ream them out with a chopstick or a file if you have one.

Step 3

Put on the base and keep threading on the branches bottom to top.

Step 4

Just like real life, find the smallest person in the family or the youngest person in the class or group and get them to put the star on the top!

Filament used

We used Faberdashery’s Bloomsbury Teal for the blue green tree, Fire Truck Red for some baubles and the base, Arctic White, Bubblegum Blue, Mellow Yellow and Squeezed Orange for the rest of the baubles and of course Gold from their Full Metal Packet for the star.

It took about a day‘s worth of printing time at 200micron resolution on a MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation. It‘s worth increasing the infill to 50% on the baubles to make their stems sturdy.