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Help us make I Can Make perfect for the classroom

Join our Early Bird Program

At I Can Make we want to make the best experience for 3D printing in the classroom, and for us to do that we your help.

As an I Can Make schools Early Bird subscriber, you’ll be the first to:

  • use our forthcoming I Can Make range for the classroom. Space Ship One will be launching very soon followed by an Egyptian pyramid, a volcano, fossils, Tower Bridge and the Empire State Building with more launching each month.

  • download the associated support materials for each pack, including lesson plans and teaching guide.

  • receive reduced pricing on our annual subscription this year and next.

  • become part of our test network for new print packs and other resources as we are getting ready to release them

PLUS there is our ‘Beginners Guide to 3D Printing’ playlist of helpful short films on YouTube.

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